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    Hi there. It’s a bit tricky to explain my problem in the title.

    I have the current version of everything (WP, WPEC, Themes & plugins)

    I’m not sure what or where my problem my lie but thought I’d start here.

    I have a multisite configuration with sub folders. This is all setup & working fine.
    However, I’m also using WPEC with the MIO theme (actually a child theme of it) ( The problem might be either of these (probably the later) but someone might be able to suggest a solution all the same.

    My main site is here >>
    with a sub folder site here >>

    If you see the main site, the ‘checkout’ and ‘my account’ buttons top right show the link ‘’ & ‘’
    However, the Lumenlamps sub site shows these links ending with whatever the current page is rather than the checkout or account page.(they haven;t been dynamically updated, I guess)
    The same links on the main menu bar all work as they should.
    Checking the code with firebug, the main site has the correct page URL whereas the Lumenlamp site only shows “” where the URL should be.

    Any help gratefully received and thanks in advance.

    Maybe a separate issue, maybe related? My sub folder sites don’t have the dropdowns for setting location or currency either but the main site does.??

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  • WPEC is … WP e-commerce?

    Yes. WPEC is a common abbrev. for it in my travels around various relevant parts of the web. Saves my poor typing. I’ve read many of your helpful posts. I’m surprised you’ve not heard or used it?

    I actually replied to this thread myself with a resolved ‘tick’ but it’s not appeared. I must have done something wrong when submitting it??

    I just changed the permalinks (Settings -> Permalinks) on the sub folder sites to ‘post’ rather than the custom setup of my main site, which worked.

    Thanks for dropping by with your question though. Hopefully you’ve learned something ; ) (<that’s a joke BTW : )


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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