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    I’m encountering a situation with WordPress 3.4.2 Multisite that seems peculiar to me, but figured I’d run it by more seasoned folks to see if my instincts are naive.

    We’re running Multisite with a few memory intensive options (Headway Themes, Press Permit, etc.) and are having issues that require us to increase the amount of memory available to WordPress beyond 256MB. I know that’s a lot, but it’s on a VPS hosting plan, so the capability to do this is there.

    No problem, just add the following line to the wp-config.php, right?

    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘320M’);

    Except WordPress still seems “stuck” at 256MB . . . as far as the symptoms I’m trying to eliminate and also using an internal function (i.e. Backup Buddy’s server information tool) that reports back the amount of RAM available to PHP. I can successfully increase the memory limit in php.ini and that reports back the correct/corresponding amount of RAM when I use phpinfo outside of WordPress.

    There’s no statement in the .htaccess file that’s locking the memory limit down either.

    I know there was at one point an internal “hard limit” of 256M in WordPress . . . but my understanding is that no longer exists as of WordPress 3.2 or later. Is there, by chance, a hard memory limit within WordPress that “kicks in” when Multisite gets activated?

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    What’s the PHP memory limit? I don’t think WP has that max anuy more.

    Currently, the memory_limit in php.ini is set at 384M. And using phpinfo() in a test.php reflects the php.ini pretty closely when it is changed. It’s just WordPress that seems to be “stepping down” the memory. I guess there could be something in a plugin and/or theme that is doing this, but before I started digging into that, I figured I’d better ask here first– it’d be rather embarrassing to learn that Multisite did this by design and I just didn’t know, right?

    Quick update– turning off the internal cache on the Press Permit plugin seems to have helped resolve one of the symptoms I was trying to eliminate, so that’s some progress in the right direction.

    I’ll see if/when I can do the process of elimination thing with plugins, but it’s a production box so timing’s a little tricky.

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