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  1. kettlewell
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm setting up multisite for a school, and want each teacher to have their own sub domain site, as well as the school paper, etc

    I figure that each of the teachers can have a role of editor or author, and it will accomplish the ability to write posts and maintain what they need...

    My problem is that the headmaster is wanting to review EVERY post ( and be notified ) before it goes live...

    If I do this ( say as a contributor role ), then once the post is published, the teacher ( who originally wrote the article ), no longer has access to modify the post ( to be resubmitted for review before going live again ).

    So I'm looking for a few things:

    1) alternative solutions to having the headmaster review every post
    2) plugins that provide this functionality
    3) pointers to code snippets that I can piece together to create my own plugin that does this.

    Any tips/pointers would be most helpful


  2. This just came out: http://postforking.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/introducing-post-forking-for-wordpress/

    Read my buddy's write up on why it's awesome and I think will fit your needs http://sabreuse.com/post-forking/

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