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Multisite WordPress sub-subdomain

  • Hi WordPress users,

    I need to build a multisite in wordpress for a customer of mine.
    Now, the multisite allows you to create it with subdomains or submapping.

    Before I’m uploading it to the original servers I would like to test it on my own domain.
    So, I’ve set up a subdomain and installed wordpress on it. From here i activated the networksites.
    The problem is now that that network configures it to be like sub.subdomain.domainname.nl.

    My DNS is good I think. I’ve added an ‘A record’ with *.subdomain.domainname.nl.

    But the problem is, when I try to go to a sub.subdomain.domain website from that network, I’m redirected to my domainname.nl/subdomain/sub.

    Can’t find the problem here.

    Does anybody knows how to fix this so it’s not redirecting to my headdomain but the sub.subdomain websites?

    Thanks in advance.

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