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  • Im trying to set up a network of related blogs / sites – that are interconnected and share information across the network.

    These individual sites will have separate editors, custom theme options, and editable areas – but most plugins and widgets will remain constant.

    Ive done this with multisite and get “close” to what I need … but because multisite was never intended to be interconnected on the netowrk as a whole – I hit many walls and obstacles.

    Any other ideas or options to achieve something like this?

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  • Custom post types?

    What information are you sharing?

    Those wont work.

    Basically I want a network of clubs. Each club will have the ability to edit the logo and colors of the theme, and manage their info, events, locations, etc.

    This I can do with multisite.

    Where the problem lies … I want enable global users on the network that can login and access “any” club microsite – but on those microsites would have individual cubepoint (or similar) so that they can accumulate % discounts based on their interaction with “that” club.

    I dont want people to get 10% off, or 2 free drinks to ABC club – for interacting and gaining points from XYZ club.

    Now the kicker … I want all locations, latest posts, recent comments, and upcoming events to be pooled on the main “hub”.

    With multisite I am unable to get the location mashups and upcoming events to display on the main site, and I cant find a way to enable cubepoints on a “per site” basis.

    Everything I read points to the fact that multisite was not “designed” for this – and while I can find plugins to – sorta – work for me … if multisite is not set up for this type of function … is there something else that would be more effective and efficient to build something similar to what I am trying to do?


    The first thing that comes to mind is to use BuddyPress, honestly.

    That can act as your hub 🙂

    Id still need multisite to enable them to customize their theme options. And even with buddypress I would not be able to pool global map locations and upcoming events.

    At least not that I have found in the research I have done thus far.

    And even with buddypress I would not be able to pool global map locations and upcoming events.

    I am 99% certain you could. (The 99% is because I’m not currently using BP, and am less familiar than I was a year ago)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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