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Multisite - Without Multisite (6 posts)

  1. agMedia34
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Im trying to set up a network of related blogs / sites - that are interconnected and share information across the network.

    These individual sites will have separate editors, custom theme options, and editable areas - but most plugins and widgets will remain constant.

    Ive done this with multisite and get "close" to what I need ... but because multisite was never intended to be interconnected on the netowrk as a whole - I hit many walls and obstacles.

    Any other ideas or options to achieve something like this?

  2. Custom post types?

    What information are you sharing?

  3. agMedia34
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Those wont work.

    Basically I want a network of clubs. Each club will have the ability to edit the logo and colors of the theme, and manage their info, events, locations, etc.

    This I can do with multisite.

    Where the problem lies ... I want enable global users on the network that can login and access "any" club microsite - but on those microsites would have individual cubepoint (or similar) so that they can accumulate % discounts based on their interaction with "that" club.

    I dont want people to get 10% off, or 2 free drinks to ABC club - for interacting and gaining points from XYZ club.

    Now the kicker ... I want all locations, latest posts, recent comments, and upcoming events to be pooled on the main "hub".

    With multisite I am unable to get the location mashups and upcoming events to display on the main site, and I cant find a way to enable cubepoints on a "per site" basis.

    Everything I read points to the fact that multisite was not "designed" for this - and while I can find plugins to - sorta - work for me ... if multisite is not set up for this type of function ... is there something else that would be more effective and efficient to build something similar to what I am trying to do?


  4. The first thing that comes to mind is to use BuddyPress, honestly.

    That can act as your hub :)

  5. agMedia34
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Id still need multisite to enable them to customize their theme options. And even with buddypress I would not be able to pool global map locations and upcoming events.

    At least not that I have found in the research I have done thus far.

  6. And even with buddypress I would not be able to pool global map locations and upcoming events.

    I am 99% certain you could. (The 99% is because I'm not currently using BP, and am less familiar than I was a year ago)


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