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  • Im currently setting up websites for a network of schools. This would be my ideal setup:
    1. A multiesite setup that contains 3 sites, one for each campus (each with their own domain) plus the main site (with its own domain).
    2. Each campus has a MultiSite install, allowing for teachers to have their own blogs that are subdomains of their respective campus domain.

    Is that possible? Or would it be easier to have each campus have their own MultiSite install to allow for teacher blogs?

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    I know this can be done but I’ve never done it myself. Maybe this will help:

    I use a plugin called “Networks+” to have one instance of WP hosting multiple “blog networks” (essentially multi-sites). However there are some caveats to doing this.

    If you are running Multi-site you have a common user database across all sites. Setting up virtual sub-networks inside of this doesn’t change it and therefore everyone with Network Admin privileges has the ability to see and modify all user accounts, even if they are not within their jurisdiction. Similarly a person with Network Admin privileges could modify plugins and themes. So I have had to set up a special Sub-Admin role to let those people manage their network but not see/modify users plugins and themes.

    For my purposes, this works great. If you have only a couple of school districts you want to manage, it may not be worth the trouble and just set up 2-3 separate multisites. If you have more than just a couple, it is definitely worth it to only have one install to maintain.

    Do you do centralized authentication for all of the schools or are they all separate?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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