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  1. Scrummie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Got a question about WordPress Multisite. Have it configured on a subdomain (sub.domain.nl) and its working perfectly for subdirectory's. But I can not got it to work with real domains. For example, I want domain http://www.mydomain.nl mapped to sub.domain.nl/mydomain/. What I have; Installed the domain mapping plugin and configured the domain. The other domain is running on a different server then my multi site installation. Added an A record pointing to the server the multisite installation is running on. Also added a CNAME record pointing to the subdomain the multisite installation is running on. Yet, when I go to the domain name its giving a splash screen of the provider.

    Anybody with any advice on what I'm doing wrong?


  2. Yet, when I go to the domain name its giving a splash screen of the provider.

    It's not WP.

    The mapped domain has to point to sub.domain.nl, NOT the subsite, when you kick DNS. You can ask your webhost how to park domains, which should fix it :)

  3. Scrummie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hm. I'm still very lost. Is it even possible to have domain mapping working on two different shared hosting servers?

    Let me explain more thoroughly what I want to achieve; our company has a hosting account at some company in the Netherlands. For example; http://www.apple.nl/ is our main domain. What I thought I would do; hey, for some clients of ours we use WordPress, why not start a WordPress multisite for some easier updating etc, so I created a subdomain called: http://sitelocal.apple.nl/ and I installed a WordPress multisite installation. I set that up, and working perfectly with subdomains. So everytime I add a new customer, I get: http://sitelocal.apple.nl/new-customer/. So thats the Multisite part of my adventure.

    Second part: The domain mapping. We're a registrar for dutch domains, and have a VPS system running, which is not a part of our main domain apple.nl. Our VPS system have their own nameservers etc. The server is running Plesk. I added the domain in Plesk after I registered it with SIDN (the dutch TLD registrar). I removed the original A record Plesk automatically creates, and added an A record which points at the IP of http://www.apple.nl/ (as this is the same IP address as my MS installation at http://sitelocal.apple.nl/). After that I added a CNAME record: *.spoetnikken.nl, and pointed it to http://sitelocal.apple.nl/ and it's not working as I explained in the openings post.

    Is it possible with the situation I sketched above to map http://www.spoetnikken.nl/ to http://sitelocal.apple.nl/spoetnikken/?

  4. Is it even possible to have domain mapping working on two different shared hosting servers?

    We're talking domain registrations here, and that matters not. I have domains registered with one company and hosted else where. It's a non issue.

    There are three things that have to happen for mapping to work:

    1) You have to tell DNS that domain.com points to the IP of your primary domain. This is done with your registrar and can be checked at whatsmydns.com - Match both domains. They should be the same IP :)

    2) You have to tell your server where your primary domain lives that the new domain lives there. This is done on your host where your primary domain lives, and you tell it "mapped domain lives in the same HTTP location as primary domain." This is also called 'parking' a domain :)

    3) You tell WordPress that the mapped domain points to a specific site. That's done insite WP, via the plugin.

  5. Scrummie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for the explanation again. My DNS knowledge is kinda lacking here I guess. Could you check for me if I give you domain names if they have the correct records? It's about spoetnikken.nl and sitelocal.stijlgenoten.nl.

  6. You can check yourself. Go to http://whatsmydns.com

    (I want you to do it so you know how, because I may not always be here :) I do take vacations ;) )

  7. Scrummie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If I'm correct in checking the domains, they are not correct. I think, from what I understand now, the nameservers of spoetnikken.nl should point the same nameservers of stijlgenoten.nl. Yet, I can not add any domains on the Plesk enviroment of stijlgenoten.nl, only do some database management and subdomain management. I do have a 'domain alias' option, but its greyed out. Am I correct to say if I cant add domain aliases I cant do what I'm after for?

    Thanks for your time again! And I understand what you're trying to do here; teach me something :)

  8. Nameservers and IPs are related but difference.

    You register a domain with a registrar and setting the namservers means you tell the world "When you want to know where spoetnikken.nl is, go ask these nameservers."

    The nameserver then comes back and says "spoetnikken.nl? Oh he lives on this IP!"

    That IP is your server :)


    stijlgenoten.nl points to the IP of
    spoetnikken.nl points to the IP of

    You may need to ask your webhost the right way to park the domain becuase you have to be able to tell your nameserver that the site exists.

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