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  • Azurite


    I have had a WordPress multisite network for some time now, and I just recently tried to do WP native domain mapping, which has caused some issues.

    All my main domain subsites, e.g., work just fine… but oddly, some of them appear to be configured as subdomains in my cPanel. If I delete these subdomains in cPanel, the WordPress site breaks.

    Is there a reason why only SOME of my subsites would exist as subdomains, while others don’t?

    For example, in my subdomains section of cPanel, I have the following as the subdomain and document root, with no redirection:
    * > my WP install directory
    * > my WP install directory
    * > my WP install directory > my WP install directory > my WP install directory

    If I delete either of the latter two, those sites break, even if they SHOULD be covered by the wildcard at the top.

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  • JNashHawkins


    I usually use the wildcards as ‘safety nets’ for expediency and to cover my fat fingers. The wildcard needs to be in the DNS also. Not just the domain mapping and cPanel (or control panel).

    If you get a cPanel error page then your wildcarded domain wasn’t sent to the right directory… If you get a WordPress error page then your Domain mapping is broken. If you get a DNS lookup error you probably don’t have an ‘A’ record for the subdomain or WildCard.

    And cNames are not the way!!!

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