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  • Hi,
    I’m setting up a multisite installation with 3 sites for a customer. One of the requirements is cross publishing, which was no problem to solve.

    But he is used to a publishing system that is using media and files in a folder structure way. And he also want to be able to share the media and files among the sites, so that he can choose an image from site-2, and use it for publishing on site-1, when he is searching the media library.

    I’ve searched around an found these two plugins:
    Categorization, so that he can get the folder structure while searching for media/files
    (Can also sort by categories while inserting image into post, which is important):

    Media sharing
    But this plugin does not cooperate with the Category plugin, so i can’t filter by categories while searching in the network.

    So what i need is a plugin (doesn’t matter if it costs money), were i can
    1. search and find all images from all sites in the multisite installation
    2. when searching for images, be able to filter by media categories.

    1. Use the media categorizing plugin i found
    2. Set so that all images are stored in the same place.
    a. I have found that images can be stored in the same folder, but it won’t help since wordpress takes use of another path from the database.

    Does anybody know what i can do?

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