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  • I have configured a multisite installation. I have a domain name that specifically targets a certain niche. I’ve been contacted many times over the last 16 years by people who wanted just an email address on this domain. Offering an actual site on this domain name is going to be very popular.

    So my brain is all wrapped up in creating a business model for this idea. In general, here is what I am wanting to do:

    Users will have to register and provide payment in order to have a site.

    Maybe there is a way to create their site as a trial but not make it publicly viewable. Otherwise they will be required to provide credit card information in order to create their account/site.

    It would be subscription-based. Monthly, 6 month, 1 year rates. Also, there will be a basic subscription and a premium subscription.

    Once their site is created I want to provide them with the plugins, templates and widgets that would allow them ecommerce on their site to sell items. Not just any item, but a specific kind of item. They will have to enter their own Paypal account info, etc.

    The user will be able to upload images of their item(s). They will also be able to fill out information in their profile that will be displayed on their home page.

    Ok, the business model is somewhat vague, but you can probably see where I’m going with this?

    Here are my questions:

    Does anyone know of a model that’s been setup already to sell a site/account in a multisite installation?

    Do you know of a good plugin that can handle subscriptions, automatically charge credit cards on due dates, send invoices/receipts/notices on a scheduled basis, and that can deactivate an account due to lack of payment?

    Basically, I’m looking for a good subscription plugin that I can tie in with purchasing a site.

    Any links? How tos?

    Thank you! I’ve done quite a bit of searching and don’t see what I’m needing. Am just wondering if I have to start from scratch on the subscription plugin.

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  • WordPress is a blogging platform, not a CMS or shopping system, so don’t expect to find any plugin that will handle payment transactions for you, as there aren’t many WordPress users interested in the same.

    However, I would suggest considering, which offers all the functionallity, you’re asking for, exported outsite as really simple and easy to use API.

    You can then write your own, quite simple plugin that will act like a bridge between your dashboard or whole multisite WordPress installation and

    At least I would go that way, if I would be in your situation.

    It is certainly possible and has been done before.

    Ron has a plugin suite that will take care of some of the lifting for you. I don’t know how much it is maintained.

    Gravity forms (a paid plugin) will let you create new accounts and then send paypal reciepts.

    There are some more paid resources at WPMUDEV Premium.

    You can do what you need with the free edition of S2Member, including setting it up so that users have a site that is only visible to them.

    I’m in no way connected to the authors, but I promote S2Member because it is a comprehensive membership system that is fully multisite compatible with PayPal integration part of the free version.

    Over the years I’ve tried a lot of the membership solutions out there and purchased three variants of “premium” plugins. They all sucked wind compared to S2M.

    Now, if you want to have the monthly payments automatically deducted you will have to buy a PayPal Pro account from PayPal and upgrade to the paid version of S2Member. But if you are okay with your customers having the freedom to pay each month or decide not to renew, then you can stick with the free PayPal account and the free S2Member.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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