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  • I’ve seen the codex but I’m not quite sure how to accomplish a very simple task in theory that I’m sure many want to do. I have a multisite install with several sites/communities. Many of my users will use the other sites so having one single user account and metadata is ideal. So if you sign up in the site in the root directory, then all the other sites can be accessed using the same user name, password, profile metadata.

    (1) I’ve seen something in the codex but it doesn’t quite explain how to set up using 1 table. Are there any better instructions for this?

    (2) I’ve seen that it works on separate installs – but does this not work for subdomains or subdirectories? Right now I’m on a subdirectory install and figured with cookies it made sense to go that route.

    (3) If there is any way to do this, let me know what is preferred. Crazy as it may seem, I’m ready to dump the multisite and do 8 separate installs and maintain them if doing so would allow me to have just 1 user database and metadata.

    Thank you!

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  • I’m working on this privately. It seems that this isn’t a generally done practice, even though I think it should be. Hopefully I’ll have developed my own solution by next week.

    I’m just about to start working on this as well. Doing research now. Have you come up with a solutioN?

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