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  • multisite user dont work,
    > I have install the WP plugin Multisite User Management 2 weeks ago.
    > according to the wordpress codex ( By design, all users who are added
    > to your network will have subscriber access to all sites on your
    > network.) It should give me the ability to add automatically users to
    > all my network sub-domains. I’m running it on the latest version of
    > Buddypress and wp 3.01. the ability to use all the network with same
    > password dont work, i allow user to the entire network but no one cant
    > log.
    > i use the 7.0 version of the plugin to solve the issue but the problem
    > continue.
    > hope you can help to solve this issue
    > thank

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  • The user database seem like is not shared among the entire MultiSite installation.
    people who are register to one site cant be seen on the entire network.

    someone have solution for this issue?


    This looks like a plugin issue 🙁 Try removing that plugin and see if it works.

    By default, users get the same username and password to access all sites.

    They aren’t *added* to all sites but they can be.

    remove the plugin. Now add one user to a sub site. (Go to the Add users menu). If they are logged in to one site, they should also now be logged in to the next site.

    no way, have try different time but same issue continue

    i deactivate the plugin, delete all file of this plugin, create new user on one of the sub domain; but i continue have same issue

    create new user on one of the sub domain; but i continue have same issue

    Which is… ?

    Your original posts says they can;t access the extra sites with the same user and password.

    When you added this new user to a SUB site, they should be able to access the main site and JUST that sub site with their username and password? Can they? (yes or no)

    they can acces only the site they have create the username and password, not an other subdomain-site in the network

    someone can help !!!

    i still dont solve the user access issue.
    people cant log on another site in the network.
    if they create the username and password on is not possible to log on of but well on

    need realy help, thank

    Define “access” because … WPMU (which is MultiSite, not MU anymore) works per-site. You sign up, and you are a subscriber for the sites. You have read-only access, and that’s it.

    Now if you’re added to an individual site with elevated permissions, that’s something else. So what access are YOU talking about?

    You keep saying “it doesn’t work” without specifying how it is not working.

    Do you get a redirect?
    Do you get a blank screen?
    Do you get a browser error?

    The username and passwords are all created on Not 1, 2 or

    i get this message when log on site ( ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password? )

    Can you login to with that ID/password?

    I would also go in to the database and verify the IDs were created. Remember: IF you created these IDs WHILE the old plugin was active THAT may be your problem.

    Can you login to those sites with your super admin username?

    (quick sanity check: you;re using multisite, right? and you created a network? these are not individual installs?)

    yes, if i create the ID/password on
    in admin area i see the new user is allow on the entire network but she cant log on another site like of

    why ? wat i am doing wrong?

    quick sanity check: you;re using multisite, = yes
    right? and you created a network? = yes
    these are not individual installs? = no

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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