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  • Hi!

    I was checking out several security plugins and liked this one best. Thanks for the great work! I do have a question regarding Multisite: I have a small network with a main blog (which I don’t really use) and two sub-blogs. I configured everything on the main blog and then tried the login lockdown on one of my sub-blogs, only to find that the login attempts are not blocked. Apparently, AIOWPS handles most settings separately for each sub-blog.

    Is there a way to make the plugin use the settings of the main blog on all sub-blogs? This would be especially useful if the plugin is “network activated”. I don’t want to repeat the setup steps for the sub-blogs. When I want to blog failed login attempts, I don’t really care which of my blogs the bots are using. 🙂 It would also be nice to have a single list of blocked IP addresses etc. instead of a list per blog. Again, I don’t really care from which blog the blocking originated.

    Alternatively, would it be safe to import the main blog’s settings in the sub-blogs? Or is anything site-specific coded in there?

    By the way, I do recognize that there might be instances where a Multisite owner would want each blog admin to set their own settings. Overall I think most of these settings are advanced enough that they should be set by the network admin for the whole multisite installation. If I e.g. want to activate the maintenace mode, would I have to save the setting on each sub-blog? So I guess what sub-blog admins can see should be more limited than it is now, and for hidden functionality the main blog’s settings should be used.

    I have a bit of free time right now for testing, if you want to make any changes to the plugin.


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  • Plugin Contributor mbrsolution



    For multi-site installations there is a single .htaccess file which applies to all your sub-sites. So some of the security features only need to be enabled on your MAIN site. The sub-sites won’t show you the menus for these features. You can configure those settings from the main site of your WPMS install. For example the Firewall rules menu is only accessible from the main site.

    Kind regards

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