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  1. ND
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    I've successfully made a few sites in a single multisite-enabled WP installation.

    I have this kind of structure:


    When I create posts in the root site, I see that by default their path starts off as http://www.domain.com/blog/etc/etc/etc/

    Is there any way around this default? I would like to use 'blog' as the path for one of the other sites.

    I've tried changing verious settings of the root site (eg, the Permalink path) but /blog/ is always pre-pended to the path.

    Am I overlooking something or is that just the way it is?


  2. It's there to prevent collisions. Example! :)

    You have a page named 'site1' and a sub-site named 'site1'. Both URLs would be http://domain.com/site1 - Which one gets served? By putting 'blog' in there, you prevent that collision.

    There are a couple plugins that may help you:
    http://www.thinkinginwordpress.com/2009/09/remove-blog-slug-from-the-default-blog-of-wpmu-subdirectory-installation/ (though it doesn't seem to work in wp 3)

    http://wpmututorials.com/remove-blog/ (costs $, but its made by a very reliable source)

    Also consider reading http://ottopress.com/2010/category-in-permalinks-considered-harmful/ to understand more about Permalinks :)

    (IMO, I think we should be able to CHANGE /blog/ to whatever we want, like we can with BuddyPress slugs. I've heard that this is being 'improved' in 3.1! No details though.)

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