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  1. Abacus13579
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    Hi there,

    I currently have a number of sites, each with an existing WordPress installation. They are found at:


    I want to move over to a Multisite installation. All subdomain sites look and feel the same (same theme and setup) but the root site is totally different. I am unsure about the best and safest way to proceed in upgrading (/ replacing) my current network to a Multisite install.

    I'm pretty unsure about the best path to take, and any help would be much appreciated. I don't mind taking sites down for maintenance but I need to preserve the current site files and content so they can be added to the new network sites.

    The options I have come up with are:

    1. Upgrade the existing WP installation in the root domain (example.com) to enable multisite.

    • Will this work properly with a complex WP site at example.com?
    • How do I manage subdomain mapping given that there are already installations of WP in each subdomain? (This applies to the other options too.)

    2. Leave the root installation as it is. Install a new WP with Multisite in a different directory (example.com/multi). Run the subdomain sites from this installation.

    3. Install a new WP with Multisite in a different directory (example.com/multi) and run all sites, including example.com, from this installation.

    • If I do this, which seems ideal, how do I manage the transition on root and subdomains without losing files, content or settings?
    • As you can see, I'm really looking for the best way to bring all my sites together under a Multisite with a smooth transition, without losing any content.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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