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  • Hi,

    I’m relatively new to WordPress, but was assigned to fix and do more advanced issues in my new work as internal IT Supporter and future Frontend Developer.

    We have two sites hosted on a Multisite WordPress installation. My job is it, to transfer each of these two sites to a single WordPress installation.

    I imported/exported the .xml file, copied /plugins, /images as well as /themes to the new WordPress into /wp-content,

    I reconfigured all the settings just as they are in the old multisite in Settings, Plugins, Themes, Appearance and every place where I could find something. I went through every menu and just set it in the new site just as it is in the old one.

    The problem is, the images are not being delivered.

    Example of the image URL of a random image on OLD SITE:

    the new site is temporarily called via, the live iste is reachable wie

    sorry, I can’T give you any specific information about which site I actually have this problem on …

    does anyone have an idea, why the images are not being delivered correctly? somehow all the image urls have been not only changed to the new subdomain (which is ok!), but they are also called with a full URL and not only the path /wp-content/ and so on…

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  • You’ll need to change all the instances “” to “” in the database.

    I’m not sure what the /cdn-thumb/src=/ is. If these links are on your pages and so forth then you’d also need a search and replace for “/cdn-thumbs/src=/wp-content/blogs.dir/14/files” to “cdn-thumb/src=”

    You can do this using a search and replace script such as

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