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    I have a friend that I offered to help getting his site over to a single installation.

    He had his ecommerce site built by some hosting company and they basically don’t let him have access to anything. It was built on a WPMU.

    I was able to piece things together and after some work, I have been able to get him a working site on his new hosting account.

    The problem is I still don’t have the link to the Plugins in the WP dashboard.

    I can see the plugins through cpanel. I can add plugins through cpanel and I can delete and deactivate them by changing the file name.

    I am thinking that I need to put something in the config or functions file to make the Plugins link visible.

    I have tried this code in the wp-config, but it doesn’t work to solve the problem. The code wasn’t there previously. I only added it because I saw some others did that.


    I also noted that when I go to this page

    It says “Sorry, you are not allowed to install plugins” and sometimes it redirects me to the login screen, even though I am the administrator.

    I really have no more ideas on how to fix this. It seems like it should be so simple but obviously, I am missing something.

    I do appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

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  • Hi @alltimehelper

    I am assuming that the plugins are installed in /wp-content/plugins.
    This does sound like a permissions issue.
    Did you import the users from the original multisite?
    An Admin in a multisite would likely need to be a super admin to access plugins etc.
    I suggest that you create a new Admin user account and see if that fixes the issue.

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    Hello @mouli

    Thank you. Yes, you are correct. The plugins are in /wp-content/plugins.

    Yes, I did import the users from the original multisite. I had to set up myself a login through the database using PhpMY admin.

    Then I was able to log in once, then I checked to see what the highest level of access there was and it administrator.

    I set up an admin user in the wp dashboard. Then logged in that way.

    However, I still get no access to the plguins in the dash.

    I even changed the plugin-install.php to 775 just to see what would happen and I still get no access.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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