Multisite to replace non-WP site network, keeping original active during dev (2 posts)

  1. matt6303
    Posted 3 years ago #

    We have a current network of 4 sites that are in ASP:


    We wish to redesign these 4 sites in WordPress using Multisite, but need to use these same URL's and need to keep the current sites active during development.

    Any suggestions on how best to go about this project?

  2. Install WordPress in domain.com and make it mimic the main site

    Then create the following subsites:


    domain.com/subdirectory1 will be recreated as subdirectoryA and so on.

    Once you've finished, rename subdirectory1 to subdirectory1.old, and go in to Network Admin -> Sites and Edit subdirectoryA

    Change the 'Path' to subdirectory1, check the box to change home and site URL, and click update.

    Then run a search/replace on your database: Look for domain.com/subdirectoryA and replace with domain.com/subdirectory1

    Important points:

    1) Keep the temporary subdirectory names the same length as the real ones. If you're using domain.com/jobs, then make the site on WP be domain.com/job1 - The length needs to match to make this easiest.

    2) Make sure to check that box to change home and site URL. Very important :)

    3) When you do that search and replace, looking for the domain as domain.com/subdirectoryA ensures that you wont' have false positives.

    4) A nice cold drink after a hard day work is nice.

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