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  1. Zamphatta
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I set up a localhost on Linux, with no FTP (so I can't upload a zipped theme), and installed WordPress 3.2.1 on it. I've bee developing in WordPress for years, but this is my first time trying the multisite setup.

    I manually added new themes (unzipped_ of course) into wp-content/themes, but when I go to the Network Admin themes page (network/themes.php) though, only the Twenty Ten & Twenty Eleven themes show as being installed.

    I tried a little Googling, but couldn't find any answer to this, though I did stumble across others who're having the same problem.

    Does Multisite require a different location for themes? Is this a permissions problem? What am I missing?

  2. Go to Network Admin -> Themes. Enable the themes you want to see on every site in the network.

    And yes, on a localhost you just drop the theme folders in the right spot. (the same as single site).

    you basically missed the network admin menu. newly installed themes are network disabled by default.

  3. Zamphatta
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Ok, I'm in Network Admin -> Themes, and all I see is that the Twenty Eleven theme is enabled, and the Twenty Ten theme is disabled. The other themes in wp-content/themes aren't listed under disabled, enabled, or all.

  4. And they aren't nested in subfolders under wp-content/themes/ ?
    And they have the same permissions on the files and folders as the default themes?

  5. Zamphatta
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Aaahhhh ha! Thank you Andrea! I just chmod'd them to match the Twenty Eleven & Ten themes, and now they show up.

    Apparently when I transferred the theme folders from Windows Vista to a thumb drive to Linux, they have different permissions than the Linux created folders.

    For anybody coming across this issue down the road, just do this:

    chmod -R 755 mythemefolder

    I thought that WP would simply see any folders owned by me, since the server was able to see them, so I didn't realize I had to chmod them to match the group & world settings.

  6. Yep. :) Slightly weird and picky thing multisite does.

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