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[Resolved] multisite theme network disable not working

  • hi,

    we have issues disabling themes on network. no matter which theme I disable (and it is stated as disabled in theme selector), theme is still visible to network users/site admins.

    need some help debugging this problem .. can anybody point me to any kind of solution (or at least where to look … internet seems devoid of this kind of problem)

    many thanks in advance

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  • I’ll update myself …. it seems that only very old themes can’t be properly disabled … like adventure-jounal, arjuna-x, codium, twenty-ten … problem is that many of our users still use those themes … I we would like to prevent further usage …. (without deleting themes). any ideas … ?

    Disabling a theme… You mean you removed it from the network activated theme list? If so, no, that doesn’t turn the theme off for anyone using it. You’ll need to manually change them to a different theme.

    in wp_xy_options where value “option_name=allowedthemes” that had hardcoded (beats me why) which themes were “always allowed” and thus couldn’t be disabled. we removed that from all sites. it works now. case closed.


    It’s not ‘hard coded’ – It’s an option you set by editing each theme directly. Works like this:

    1) If a site has a theme active, it’s an ‘allowed’ theme

    2) If a site has a theme set as ‘allowed’ via wp-admin -> Network -> Sites -> Edit Site -> Themes, it’s an ‘allowed’ theme

    Otherwise, only network enabled themes are allowed.

    So if you changed the network enabled themes, but a site was using that theme at that time, the theme remains allowed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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