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  • In a multisite blog I would like to ask if it is possible that wordpress would hit the limit of the files per partition or files per directory of a linux server (let’s say ext3 with 3gb memory on a partition)

    After some Googling I found out that there’s no limit for mysql tables but there are limit for filesystem files per directory. And for MyIsam it creates file(or files I’m not sure about this either) per table.

    ext3 limit is # of bytes/2^13 which means 366,210 file limit for the whole partition (If I understood it right) and limiting to 45776 users (divided by 8).

    I saw the posts on this forum but the active users seems to be very confident about multisite and maybe I’m misunderstanding some point.

    Do you think it would be a problem? I mean realism aside, would this be a possible(rare) case?

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  • No.

    realistically, you’d be scaling the system to at least another box by the time it hit that point.

    WordPress.COM uses the same software. They have millions of blogs and hundreds of servers.

    I see. Thank you very much for the answer 😀

    Help in “scaling the system to at least another box” ? How ? How do I break a huge WordPress multi-site database up into separate MySQL databases ? I have 24 sites running Multi-Site and my server says my MySQL data base tables are all to big ? ie; I have 60,000+ tables on just one multi-site-install ! .
    Help I have over 20,000 users in total on the 24 sites at last count.
    (each running WP-Multi site)
    I love my users and do not want to louse their sites, their depending on me
    Please Help :{

    Firs,t turn off post revisions. I bet that’s half your problem, and also clean up all the spam.

    Then look at the plugins available:

    But you’ll still need to know some things about databases in general.

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