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  • Hi, I’m referring to this topic of 2 years ago:

    We are having the same problem: we have a multisite network with FA pro, where it seems that we need to include the api key in every single website we set up. We will probably write a custom function that adds the key dynamically to each website since we don’t want to do this manually, but just wondering if you have been able to work out something structurally in the meanwhile?

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  • Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hey @jules-colle,

    Sorry I normally get email notifications when new support requests are made but I didn’t see one for your message here. Just saw it now after helping with another thread.

    There is new functionality in an unreleased beta of this plugin that has what you are looking for. I am looking for testers.

    If you can test it our I would appreciate your feedback. It can be downloaded here:

    Go to “ADVANCED OPTIONS” and download the “Development Version” if you are able to test it out.

    From the change log:

    = 4.0.7 =
    * Added support for FontAwesome "Sharp" family icons
    * Added support for user uploaded duotone icons in kits
    * Updated icon initialization for better compatibility with REST API, and a variety of third party site builder plugins that integrate with ACF fields.
    * Added filter (ACFFA_fa_api_key) to allow for the ability to programmatically set the FontAwesome API key.
    * Added filter (ACFFA_fa_kit_token) to allow for the ability to programmatically set the FontAwesome kit token.
    * Limited role of Select2 'dropdownCssClass' and 'containerCssClass' arguments to avoid conflicts with other plugins using older/non full feature versions of Select2
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