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    Yes, BPS works fine with Network/Multisite WordPress sites.

    Is BulletProof Security Network / Multisite Compatible?
    Yes. BulletProof Security contains AutoMagic buttons for Network / Multisite websites. Both sub-directory and sub-domain Master .htaccess code is written / created for your specific Network / Multisite site. BulletProof Modes should ONLY be Activated on the Primary site to automatically protect all sub sites. Sub sites are virtual. DO NOT Activate BulletProof Modes on sub sites. BPS allows only Super Admins to see the BPS menus in sub sites. BulletProof Security also works with Network / Multisite Domain Mapping.

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    without network admin panel its not WU support

    i need to create a profile as network admin not as site admin

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    I don’t understand what you are asking. Is “network admin panel” a plugin or is this some sort of additional Network/Multisite configuration option?

    BPS menus will be displayed to Super Admins in the virtual subsites, but BulletProof Modes only need to/and must be activated on the Primary site only. The reason for this is subsites are virtual and if AutoMagic is used on a virtual subsite and BulletProof Mode is activated then the root .htaccess file will be overwritten with that site’s information. This will of course break all other sites because there is really only 1 true website with Network/Mulitsite and all of the subsites are virtual (they do not really exist at a physical location/URL). The virtual subsites URL’s rewriting occurs internally with WordPress rewriting code for the virtual URL’s.

    for me a mu plugin provide the network admin
    to manage to plugin from the network-admin dashboard
    not from the main-site dashboard

    i have few networks under my MU
    and i cant manage each network/sub site from his dashboard
    so any MU PLUGIN provide a plugin the show the plugin options in the network admin panel

    from the network panel i configure the settings for all the sub sites/networks
    without to allow the site admin/user to see the conf or to change them without to allow them

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    Ok I understand now.

    BPS is not a typical plugin and .htaccess files have certain requirements that will only work when used in the Primary Network/Multisite site at this point. It is of course possible to make BPS work from the Network Admin panel, but this feature request development is currently not scheduled. I will add it to the BPS development schedule. This could take a very long time to be created (months). Before any new feature request is considered there is a lot of research and testing that is required before development will start.

    A simpler approach may be to add a new feature/option/setting that you can choose which Super Admins are allowed to see the BPS plugin menus and pages.

    Example Option Setting:
    Allow ONLY These Super Admins to see BPS menus and pages:
    Enter the Super Admin User Id’s here that are allowed to see BPS menus and pages: 1, 2, 3, etc.

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    Also here is problem I see right away with creating a Network Activate option. When you Network Activate a plugin it will create duplicate database tables for each virtual subsite, unless you specifically code the plugin not to do this. There are a few database tables in BPS that should not exist/be duplicated for each virtual subsite.

    i think it will be the best option to wait for the upgrades

    Please update me when you make them

    if you will need any help please ask me 🙂
    and thanks

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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