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    I have setup a WP multisite install with subfolder installs in a subdirectory of my webserver.

    I have Multilingual Press installed to facilitate translation of content and 2 sites in parallel for 2 different languages.

    Site1: /path/site/ (English)
    Site2: /path/site/ja/ (Japanese)

    The site is running under https with an AliasMatch to serve the files requested under /path/site/ from /var/www/another-install-folder

    I wrote a quick & dirty plugin to redirect the user to the appropriate site based on their browser language choice which is working well.

    What I would like to be able to do is have multiple domains pointing at the same site - not a domain per site in this instance.
    domain1.com domain2.com domain3.com

    I know this is not the _proper_ way of doing things, but it is for non-public website so I don't care about SEO, etc.

    I have tried using the /etc/hosts file on my client machine to spoof various domains: domain1.com domain2.com domain3.com

    and set up ServerAlias in Apache with wildcard domains as follows:

    ServerName sub.domain.com
    ServerAlias *.sub.domain.com domain1.com domain2.com domain3.com

    If I try to visit my site on any of the alternate domains, I get problems with WordPress trying to redirect to the default domain, but on http, which is not served on my machine so I get a timeout.

    I have tried to change the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE to:


    Which gives me a database connection error.

    I know internally the site_url / home_url are pretty much "hardcoded", but is there any way WP can deal with having multiple domains pointing at the same Multisite without redirecting to the "default" domain?



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