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Multisite Subdomains of a Subdomain

  • I have installed WordPress 3.5 on sandbox.mysite.com. I want to create a multisite setup. I have installed all of the things necessary per the docs to setup multisite with subdomains. I have a dns issue as follows:

    Main WordPress Install = sandbox.mysite.com
    New Multisite = choices.sandbox.mysite.com

    DNS does not support wildcards so i setup a cname record of: choices.sandbox.mysite.com

    I can get the main site to work (sandbox.mysite.com) but i can not seem to get the choices.sandbox.mysite.com to work. I get “The requested URL could not be retrieved”

    My Mapping in wordpress domain mapping is setup for cname point to sandbox.mysite.com

    My domain maping settings are Site ID 2 with choices.sandbox.mysite.com

    Help, newbe, What am i doing wrong?

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  • It’s not WP, it’s your subdomain. Basically the sub.subdomain doesn’t resolve, so nothing happens. You need to sort our how to make that work with your DNS setup.

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