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  1. nrubens
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have installed WordPress 3.5 on sandbox.mysite.com. I want to create a multisite setup. I have installed all of the things necessary per the docs to setup multisite with subdomains. I have a dns issue as follows:

    Main WordPress Install = sandbox.mysite.com
    New Multisite = choices.sandbox.mysite.com

    DNS does not support wildcards so i setup a cname record of: choices.sandbox.mysite.com

    I can get the main site to work (sandbox.mysite.com) but i can not seem to get the choices.sandbox.mysite.com to work. I get "The requested URL could not be retrieved"

    My Mapping in wordpress domain mapping is setup for cname point to sandbox.mysite.com

    My domain maping settings are Site ID 2 with choices.sandbox.mysite.com

    Help, newbe, What am i doing wrong?

  2. It's not WP, it's your subdomain. Basically the sub.subdomain doesn't resolve, so nothing happens. You need to sort our how to make that work with your DNS setup.

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