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  • I recently created a Multisite for our core site – This site is active, on hostgator, domain is on godaddy. I then enabled Multisite and updated the WP config files and the htaccess files. ( on side note, the subdomain was previously active as a main site on a seperate godaddy account- which has been transferred to my domain acct on godaddy. The stlchaos2003 site itself was active on a different Hostgator account. The theme / site was moved over to my hostgator hosting account. All transfers appeared to work properly. I waited 24/48 hours for domain and cname propagation. showed the update worked. At that stage, all I would see for the stlchaos2003 site was the standard domain parking screen, no site. The main is active and working properly. I reached out to Hostgator, They recommended I change the cname of the site to, which I did. I waited another 24hr and now get this: Index of /
    .well-known /cgi-bin/ Apache Server at Port 80 when trying to access the site.

    When I attempt to go to the WP Admin panel for the site on Hostgator, I get a 404 site does not exist.

    The site / domain is clearly seeing the nameservers on hostgator.

    What am I missing here in the config process. Thanks.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • You have Cname’d to

    I see a basically empty directory at which should be pointing at the directory in root or the directory where the WordPress was uploaded to.

    So go into your control panel and look for the directory you put WordPress in and then go to where you told CPanel (I think they run CPanel) is and correct that to point to the web root or the subdirectory under webroot where you uploaded your WordPress to.

    Once you get the host to quit showing you the Index of that mostly empty directory you’ll probably be looking at the WordPress install which may not be happy with your domain name choice since it started life as from what you said.

    If so then You might be better off pointing the original domain name at that site (the directory where WordPress is installed) and forgetting the new domain for now until you get things running as you were.

    The next step if you need further help will probably warrant a new topic as long as you have WordPress running or throwing errors as to why it can’t. I’m a little surprised your host didn’t help you to get this resolved. It’s not a WordPress issue itself.

    With the better DNS services today your DNS records will often propagate within minutes if not faster. Waiting 24 to 48 hours is no longer the norm.

    Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

    Here is the current domain setup:

    Subdomains.Root Domain Document Root Redirection
    * /public_html/wildcard not redirected / not redirected

    I made the document root change, and no longer see the index, but I do see: Apache Server at Port 80

    Does this look correct? I’m looking at the WP install now for 2003.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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