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  1. mariilou
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Okey as NO ONE helped me on my previous question (he he) I figured things out myself (I think???) and I now came down to this >

    [GOAL: To have MultiSite on my addon domain.]

    I am working with two domains hosted by Bluehost. One "primary" (example.com) and one addon domain (addon.com) For now I only installed MS on example.com.

    Primary Domain: example.com
    Subdomain 1 (S1): site.example.com
    Subdomain 2 (S2): addonsite.example.com

    S2 redirects to my addon site, but when I want to edit it and press on its dashboard as a Super Admin I automatically logs out and comes to the log in page to addon.com/wp-admin. (Is this normal?)

    That's why I made S1, I thought maybe I could redirect this subdomain to addon.com.... ? Because when editing this one I can do it as a Super Admin an use all the plugins I want (BUDDYPRESS!!) But when I redirect it on my Bluehost it becomes the same as S2, when trying to edit it I come to the login page of addon.com/wp-admin. What should I do?

    Also, when working with S1 (without redirecting it on my host site) it only redirects me to example.com (for example when trying to use Buddypress) what am I doing wrong ? (I believe I'm doing everything wrong right now!!!!)

  2. mariilou
    Posted 3 years ago #

    OKEY , I managed to do something. I installed the plugin "Domain Mapping" and now the S1 (addonsite.example.com) is mapping addon.com

    Am I on the right track ?

  3. Yes. But don't double post.


    No one replied cause we're all volunteers, and you need to be patient.

    Closing this post. Please use your other.

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