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  • Resolved Steve Valencia


    I have installed a multisite network on

    wp-config.php has been modified as per instructions
    .htass has too

    dns at registrar is complted
    dedicated ip done!

    Network activated

    Subdomain added my administration…

    When I go to browser and type in the site does not come up?

    What am I missing? I want to allow users to register their sites and eventually allow them to choose their own themes.

    Thank you …kind regards,

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  • Paul Barthmaier


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    You need to set up your wildcard subdomain. On your cPanel, created a subdomain, but instead of giving a name just put a single asterisk ‘*’ in the place where you would otherwise put a subdomain’s name. You should be left with an A record that looks like * Once you get that in there, you’ll be off to the races.

    Great advice. I added the A record * but stil..when I click on any link ..the error 404 is displayed. Help!

    Oops.. correction.. when I type the subdomian in the browser I get the error 404.

    Paul Barthmaier


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    It works for me. I think you probably just needed to wait for propagation. If your TTL was set high, like maybe 14400, which equals 4 hours, then it might take some time. Either way, you look fine now. A fun way that you can check if your wildcard is set correctly, just put anything in there before your domain, say, and see what happens. If it stays on your domain, as in going to a register page in your case, it’s working. One complicating factor you do have, and the reason for the 404 is the SSL. But hey look at that new theme over at JessiesCorner!

    Thank you. I will close this topic after these few commments.

    Your hosting provider folks! I used to be a reseller for GD.. and quit! I had a dedicated server with them and cancelled…

    I went to Bluehost.. Why am I saying this? Ok.. here is why?

    In the “general” (my term) instructions in setting up a Network we are asked to create a wild card “*” A record. I did that using the Advanced Dns.. NOT the way to go!

    Instead, go to Subdomains (under the Cpanel / Domains / Subdomains and add the record there.

    Next, In the WP site…I added a “USER” and needed to add the site under the Site / dashboard! Thanks to the wonderful assistance from you and BH… I can see the site!

    Thank you!

    Now I have started a new thread for the next problem. Https and buddy press not working.. also the pages on the subdomain are not working on either..

    Onward we go!

    Tadahhh…. as it turns out… the permalinks when setting up a subdomain such as have to be manually set to default too!

    I consider the problem on this issue as resolved! Marking topic closed.

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