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    My current multisite project has been created with a sub-directory structure on localhost using XAMPP. The Multisite has 1 Parent site and 4 child sites in the following structure:

    localhost/KYNMultisite – Parent Site

    How do I proceed with domain mapping on localhost to check out things and then subsequently migrate over to the live server. Need your assistance in this respect as this happens to be my first multisite project.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Normally you would have your Networked site, the parent, in the root directory.

    You then point your main domain and any subsequent domains at the root. Get that first one to work and the rest follow along nicely.

    You’ve hinted around that you’ve done this before so treat the Network as a normal WordPress install. The mapping is all done by WordPress via the Network dashboard.

    You might need to tell your hosting Control Panel about the domains and possibly point those domains at the root directory. I don’t know much about XAMPP but if the WordPress doesn’t see the domain that’s usually the problem once DNS points it at the proper IP.

    Some ISPs block port 80 and 8080 so you’ll need to contend with that if your host does the same. I imagine you’ll find a lot of help with those type problems in places like StackExchange.

    Thanks for your response. As mentioned earlier, I have a subdirectory structure for the multisite network. I installed WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin, however, it doesn’t support sub-directory structure. Pls. advise


    Did you ever get this worked out @dhyanakendra ? I think the problem here might be a misunderstanding of the “subdirectory” concept. WP multisites that are setup as a “subdirectory” installation (as opposed to a “subdomain” installation) do not have whole entire sites in literal subdirectories with paths as you’ve shown here. The “subdirectory” configuration refers to the way your permalinks are structured, e.g.,,, etc. (in a subdomain configuration, your sites would have URLs like this:,

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