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  • Hi,
    I installed a wordpress site NOT in main directory (public_html) of the server, but in a folder called “bandaranayakecollege”. And installed another wordpress site inside “bandaranayakecollege” to use as the blog.

    So my sites paths are as follows.
    Main : public_html/bandaranayakecollege
    Blog : public_html/bandaranayakecollege/blog

    Then I created an addon domain in my server (which I purchased before) called “” to direct to main site and created a sub-domain called to direct to the blog. Upto this point, all was done long ago.

    Today I activated multisite using “sub-domain” (WordPress didn’t allow me to select sub-directory since my site was not newly installed) successfully in my main site, “” and it seems working fine. After activating that I tried to add the blog to the network, but it doesn’t seem to work as I thought. The blog is shown in “Sites–>Sites” in Network Admin area, but it is not shown in themes, users and updates.

    What could be the reason? Hope for an immediate solution.


    Sorry for my bad English.

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  • You can’t have WP in a NOT main directory and use subdomains. Known limitations.

    You CAN force WP to use SubFolders, BUT because you put a blog in the /blog folder, it will likely cause conflicts.

    Sorry. 🙁
    Can you be more specific? I’m new to multisite feature.

    Subdomains via WordPress MultiSite REQUIRES your install to be in public_html.

    I’m honestly not sure if you can jigger an add-on domain setup to work that way (Andrea might know if anyone does), but the rule of thumb is this: WordPress MultiSite wants to be in public_html for best use 🙂

    Short version: multisite requires the use of wildcard subdomains being setup on the server.

    If you are on shared hosting, this is always and ONLY on the main site for the account. Not add-on domains.

    If you are on a VPS or dedicated, you can add it to additional vhost entries in httpd.conf.

    Andrea, I’m on a Hostgator VPS, added an add-on domain outside of public_html, and added a wild-card subdomain.

    Multi-site with subdomains seems to work fine, and I never edited httpd.conf.

    My setup was really just to test, and haven’t parked any real domains to see if I could map them, but basic access to the subdomain seems to work.

    then your host has done the work for you, but my point is that’s the *exception*. Not the rule.

    Ipstenu & Andrea_r, thanks guys. Appreciate your help.

    This is what I understood by your explanation.

    > WordPress site should be in public_html folder, not in a subfolder under an add-on domain.
    > Wilcard Subdomains should be supported by the host at the same time as well.

    Otherwise to the people who are on shared hosting, multisite will not work. Right?

    My sites are on shared hosting and it doesn’t support wildcard subdomains. It supports wildcard redirects. Will this not help me? Sorry, I’m new to those stuff.

    Multisite will work if you pick subFOLDERS.

    The wildcard subdomains will not work because of your hosting account and where you placed WordPress.

    But WordPress doesn’t allow me to choose subfolder b’cause the installation is old.

    Or I can, if I install a fresh WordPress site. Right?

    You can force it

    Just … be careful if you have a complicated existing site.

    But I don’t want to take a risk as it’s a lil’ bit complicated site. Thank you anyway 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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