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  • Hello community!

    I administrate a network of about 30 sub-site. I know, that installing plug-ins is – for security reasons I suppose – only possible for me, the super-admin.
    But since I don’t want my 30 sub-admins to request a plug-in check and installation by me every other week, I want it to be possible, that they can install plugins themselves nonetheless.

    Any ideas how I can do that?

    Can I promote the rights of SUB-admins?

    Can I restrict the rights of SUPER-admins, so that I can add one super-admin per site, who can install plugins, but only change settings of their own site instead of the whole network?

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  • Can’t. There’s no intermediary steps or permissions to grant people in the case of Multisite, it’s Super Admin or nothing.

    Hi! Thanks alot for your response!
    Yeah I read about that, but I just can’t belive or understand why it is how it is!

    Isn’t there a least a hack to cheat me through what I want?

    Isn’t it possible to creat a Super-admin for each sub-site, but with less rights, so that I can restrict the sub-super-admin to only one site each?

    I can’t belive this isn’t possible in the 21st century…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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