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    After doing the 3.6 update, our WP multisite running on a Windows server is extremely slow. It can take up to 11 seconds to do almost anything within the admin interface lie clicking “edit a page”

    I have 2 multisite installs- one on a dev box and one on a prod box, and I was struggling with this on the prod box all afternoon. Then I looked at the dev box, and the test multisite there seemed snappy, but I noticed it wasn’t updated to 3.6 yet. I ran that update, and it was then displaying the same slowness.

    Yes, I know, I screwed up. I NEVER should have updated the prod site box before testing it on the dev box. Please refrain from tell me what an idiot move that was. Just what to do about it now?

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    Check your plugins. Since you have a Dev Site (YAY! You get cookies for that!) you can more easily turn off all the plugins and see if that helps.

    All plugins de-activated and same behavior.

    This is ONLY a problem on multisite installations running on Windows in my experience. WP 3.6 on Windows as a single site shows no speed issue. And Multisite running on a Mac server shows no issue.

    I have de-activated all plugins and the issue remains.

    I am running a single install of WordPress on windows. Until I did the update the site was running well smooth! I didn’t even need the W3 Total Cache. We have 2.2 million visitors a month so it’s not a small amount of traffic.

    Since I upgrade to 3.6 the other day (everything backed up, be we added 10-20 articles a day so rolling back will be tough!) the site has become very sluggish!

    @colinwiseman Did you have solved the problem? I have experiencing the same issue and we can’t find a good solution on it yet.
    We have all the plugins de-activated and the admin site is really slow.

    @hury, yeah I actually did the roll back to 3.5.1 and won’t touch the next update till 3.7.

    The only thing I really could say was Jetpack could have been the culprit. But I didn’t want to spend hours looking into it. Maybe when I come back off holiday I will do a bit more work on it. But for now…yeah I rolled back!

    Thanks @colinwiseman I will do the same. 🙁
    To do it well, correct me if I’m wrong. To the the rollback, we need to copy all the folders and files except wp-config.php and wp-content directory. Right?

    Yeah that’s basically what I did. What will happen when you first log in to the admin panel again is it will say an upgrade is required. I think this is only a number change in 1 table. But everything is running now nicely again thankfully.


    Guys, you’ve hijacked someone else’s thread – please don’t do that.

    Also, running an outdated version of WP is a significant security risk – not recommended.

    “Also, running an outdated version of WP is a significant security risk – not recommended.” ~ yeah totally agreed. but we can’t seem to find the issue with why 3.6 is slow. So it’s the only for us is to roll back for now, and hope someone on this thread can come up with an answer.

    single install of WordPress on windows.

    Please start your own thread in the appropriate forum – this is the multisite forum so not relevant.

    @wpyogi thanks and sorry!

    I wanted to mark this thread as resolved. so here is a follow-up.

    We could not determine what caused the problem, however, we deleted the site, emptied the database and rebuilt it. There wasn’t too much in it, so it wasn’t that big of a task. After the rebuild, WP 6.6 ran wonderfully with no speed issues at all. The update to 3.6.1 went just fine too.

    I have a feeling I hadn’t adequately deactivated all plugins before the udate that caused the slowness and somehow corrupted the database?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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