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  • ashbryant


    Hi all,

    Please forgive me if this has already been answered before, but it’s next to impossible to go find solutions in the support area of WordPress plugins & I have gone back through as far as I can bare. I see a lot of issues with 404 errors and I don’t think that is what I have here, as I think that relates to the not finding of a website sitemap xml file and not what I’m having issues with here, so…

    I have a WP Multisite install using sub directories like this…

    I have submitted the sitemaps for each to Google webmaster tools and I see that I’m getting errors in the subdirectory sites ‘Invalid URL’ ‘This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit.’

    It seems to be the post_tag-sitemap.xml that is the issue, as it is removing the domain from the url submitted, so it looks like this…


    For now I have excluded tags from the sitemaps, but I think this is not the best way to fix the issue.

    Can anyone help me please?

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  • Jim Bob


    I have a similar problem.

    			<image:caption>Plants vs Zombies 2</image:caption>

    in the LOC, why isn’t it putting the blog url infront? This is causing an issue when I submit the sitemap in Webmasters.

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