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  • Hello,

    I’ve got this odd issue that I can’t seem to find anyone else having.

    I’ve just set up a new WP multisite with domains mapped to subsites. This all works OK apart from WP appearing to not send out password reset emails for any sites on the network (including the top level site).

    There doesn’t seem to be an issue with WP sending out other emails – e.g. I receive new user, new site and even notifications when I change passwords from the dashboard.

    On the same server I have a single site WP install that doesn’t have this issue.

    Any clues (and I’ve checked my spam folder btw)?

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  • Are there any errors when doing the lost_password process? Do you get the form to enter your email/username?

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    Hi there,

    Yes I was able to use the email form just no email ending up in my inbox.

    I was getting some pretty perplexing login issues related to redirect loops on top of all this so I’ll share the 2 things I did that seem to have solved my issue.

    1: This post by Tom McFarlin fixed my login redirect issues which were compounding the problem:

    2: I’m not 100% certain but there may have been issues with emails from my server being blocked by Gmail (though this doesn’t adequately explain why I was receiving some emails from my multisite or that there is no issue with the other single site on my server) anyhow I set up SPF, set up reverse DNS and configured DKIM – e.g. tutorial here:

    If there are no errors in WP, either in the UI or in the apache error logs then there must be an error with the email configuration. If you are running Debian, check the mail log file (/var/log/mail.log???) for errors when you try lost password.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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