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  1. vitamineg
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Can someone re-word the official definition of "Remote Login?" The official definition is:

    "Remote Login" can be disabled. Useful if you're hosting totally separate websites

    I dont clearly understand.

    My end result will be:

    1. Using WordPress Multisite

    2. Will have several top level domains: i.e.
    http://www.domain3.com etc.

    Do i check the "remote login" box or what!!!! ha. thanks


  2. Further down it says:

    "Redirect administration pages to network's original domain (remote login disabled if redirect disabled)" - with this checked, if a user visits their dashboard on a mapped domain it will redirect to the dashboard on the non mapped domain. If you don't want this, remote login will be disabled for security reasons.

    So. Yes if you want domain2.com/wp-admin to redirect to domain1.com, no if not.

    I think you're fine leaving it off.

  3. In english: remote login means keep the original subdomain (or subfolder) of the blog alive.

  4. vitamineg
    Posted 6 years ago #


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