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    Hi, I am thinking of buying the pro version and addons to use on multiple customers’ sites. But one of the sites is quite complicated so I just want to check first whether what we want to do will be possible.

    It is a WordPress Multisite install with a child site for each country. So the first question is whether this plugin is fully tested with Multisite?

    Also, they want to display events in the time zone of the user. I understand this is not a feature of the plugin. That’s not a problem for us because we are happy to do some coding ourselves. But I would like to know how you would recommend doing this. Currently there is no time zone field on the event object. I expect we would need the Custom Fields plugin for this? We would create a custom field for timezone (defaulting in each case to the timezone of the country of the child site in which the event is being created). We would then create our own little addon which works out the user’s timezone from their IP address, then calculates the new date and time of the event and displays it.

    How user-friendly is the system of actions/filters in this plugin? Will it be easy for us to hook into the actions/filters for displaying the date and time of events and replace it with the calculated result? I ask because this customer currently has a different plugin and we wrote the time zone code against that plugin but it was difficult to do and the result is brittle and hacky. The plugin was too hard-coded and that’s one of the reasons we want to replace it. We would prefer to use a plugin with nicely coded actions & filters which would mean our own code can be cleaner and simpler.

    Also I don’t see anything about event registration. Am I right in thinking that the core plugin does not provide registration and the ticketing addon is required for this? Presumably the ticketing add-on works for free events as well as paid ones, and would allow us to set limits on how many people can attend?


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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