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  • If you are getting 502/503/504 errors they can be better handled and investigated by your server provider.

    Restarting the server can be a temporary fix but finding what is causing it is required for a solution. You can ask your server provider/manager to check the logs on the server and/or utilize WordPress debugging as explained in the next link to see if the errors point to some code/plugins/theme or script.

    Debugging in WordPress – Documentation

    The redirection loops and 5xx errors could also be caused due to misconfiguration in your server .htaccess file ( if the server uses it ) or setup on how the directories, subdomains are pointed to the server. Try removing the .htaccess and/or recreating the .htacecss file more details at:

    htaccess – Documentation

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    This seems to help by changing the .htaccess file, but for how long? It immediately went to a 500 error.

    I will also show this to my hosting company, which is HostGator. I am hoping that they can optimize the server, which they said that there was an issue with the server. I believe there is an internal core issue because of the speed and latency.

    Is there a way with multisite to see if there is packet loss through the server?

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    What exactly did you change in .htaccess file that made it work for some moment? It could give more insight on what might be causing the issue.

    Regarding the way to see if there is packet loss through the server, WordPress and a Multisite WordPress is a PHP level software and does not have access to network/packet level information on the server. The best way to go about this issue could be to analyse the server error logs and/or analyse the PHP/WordPress level error logs with WordPress debugging.

    Debugging in WordPress – Documentation

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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