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    I’ve been searching the Multisites’ forums extensively lately, and wow, there’s some excellent knowledge here. I’ve spent hours reading Andrea’s posts, as well as Ipstenu’s, as both of you have contributed extensive knowledge to the MS forum. Thank you so much for your time, advice, and efforts.

    Anyways, I would like to ask several questions here as I’m about to launch a colossal Multisite network, ideally to hit 1000 MS sites by next January, so I want to do it right from the getgo.

    Brief agenda: I want to set it up so clients can register through my site, then get their site immediately after. Each client would have their own domain (going to use the domain mapping plugin), as well as several necessary plugins and their choice of themes.

    I will be signing up with WPMUdev, using their Membership plugin, including numerous others’.

    So, here are the q’s:

    1. Hosting: I’ve decided to set up a VPS with Dreamhost, as from what I’ve read here, a VPS is the way to go. Does Dreamhost seem like a safe bet? From what I’ve read in these forums, they seem legit.

    2. URLS: Does Multisites automatically add “blog” to the URL for all sub sites? For instance,

    3. Can a Multisites generated blog create its own multisite? From what I’ve read here, that seems to be the case, but I’m not sure hence the question.

    4. From what I understand, users can select from multiple themes I have enabled, not just one theme. Is this correct?

    5. Also, from what I know, I have the option to use just one db for all of the blogs, or one db for each site, correct? I’d rather go with the latter as it seems each site would run faster this way. Any thoughts/advice on this?

    6. Can users create their own email accounts, under their domain? Since they won’t have access to a cpanel, I don’t see a way they can create email addresses. Got any ideas?

    7. Logo upload plugin/feature: Essentially, I want to provide the user with the ability to upload their logo to a designated area within the theme, such as up in the header. I’ve been looking for plugins, but haven’t found anything yet. Maybe there’s another solution? In any case, I want it to be super simple for the user.

    8. Anything else I should know?

    Much much thanks for your time!


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    1. Can’t answer that one. Hosting is a hotbutton topic that tends to devolve into pimping who we use.

    2. Nope, just for the FIRST site (your main site) and I believe only if you pick subfolders instead of subdomains.

    3. Not out of the box. You would need Network Multisites for that

    4. Yep. Whatever you upload.

    5. No it’s all one DB. You CAN split it up, but it’s no faster or slower, unless we’re talking a HUGE number of sites.

    6. Not via MultiSite. This comes down to how you set up their domain. If all they’re doing is pointing their DNS to you, then they can point their MX records wherever they want and make their emails whatever they went. That’s a hosting question, not a Multisite one 🙂

    7. Depends on the theme. You can do it for Twenty Ten (upload the header).

    8. I don’t think end-users can add their domains to the MultiDomain plugins. Also, we can’t really help you with any plugins from WPMUdev, as they’re behind a paywall.

    Hey Ipstenu,

    Thanks for the very detailed reply, much appreciated. Sorry for not responding sooner, I was just laggin’.

    I finally implemented Multisites, thanks to your help and others, and bam, it worked. I see a lot of power and potential with this feature for sure.

    Thanks again man.

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