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    I have a multisite setup:

    My scenario:

    WordPress by default makes a new user registered on all subsites.
    I have created a Pack for users to publish events on: domain.com/events
    I want to create a Pack on: domain.com/tips for existing users to let them publish Tips.

    01. How could WP User Frontend let me deal with this?
    02. Is this something possible?
    03. How could I offer the choice to existing subscribers
    to adhere and become editors on: domain.com/tips ?
    04. Extra question: Should WP User Frontend be activated at Network level?
    It is currently activated on selected subsites.

    Everytime an existing user tries to subscibe to a Pack on: domain.com/tips
    It shows this error:
    This user already exists.

    Thank in advance for your hints on this.

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  • Hello @anticosti,

    WP User Frontend is not multisite compatible. It shouldn’t be activated at network level. Though you can activate it in subsites, it might display some weird behaviors if it is activated in multiple subsites. It is recommended to use WP User Frontend in multiple wordpress installations rather than multisites.

    Thanks for staying with us.

    Best Regards.

    @itowhid06 Thanks for the input.
    I am on the process to move my subsites out of the multisites to be able to get the most out of this great plugin that represents the backbone of all the projects I have in mind.

    Have a great weekend!


    Hello @itowhid06

    I made one of my subsites as standalone, and I still don’t see any Subscriber(s) listed in the Subscriptions listing.

    Just to let you know…


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    Hello @anticosti,

    After migrating to standalone site, Please create a new user and buy the subscription pack as that user. Then check again if the subscribers are showing or not. Let me know the updates.

    Best Regards.

    Sorry. Same issue.
    Could it be due to the fact that my Pack is Free (0$) of charge?

    Hello @anticosti,

    You are right. Currently subscribers of Free Packs are not shown in the list. Now we have changed it. From next release Free Packs too will show their subscribers in the subscription list.

    Best Regards.

    Thank you for the followup.
    Much appreciated.

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