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  • I am creating a theme in WordPress that is going to act like a ‘Dashboard’ that will be a single static page that will display certain blog posts to populate the content areas.

    Have a quick question. I would like to use Multisite to create additional (replica) sites that will also have this exact static dashboard – bringing in the content from their respective blog posts unique to each multisite (each site will have different content then the parent site). Basically need to grab different content from the database at each site, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to change the calls to the database at the child sites.

    My question is, if I create this Dashboard at the parent site, is there any way to change the php code for individual sites? I would need to change the code of each Dashboard at each multisite to be able to embed the specific content that I need – that will be generated at each child site.

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Many thanks in advance for responding!

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  • If the calls to the database are different, then the page is not exactly static. How will your theme use the current blog ID to determine which calls to use?

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