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  • So, I’ve went through all of the steps, checked a lot of these posts and still can’t manage to get multisite uninstalled from my site. Once I delete all the tables, edit the .htaccess, and change the wp-config.php to how its suppose to be, my entire site resolves to this single error msg:

    No site defined on this host. If you are the owner of this site, please check Debugging a WordPress Network for help.

    a few articles make this sound super easy.. right. have now tried all of these multiple times with no success and have done everything properly.:




    Also have tried a few other articles which seem so adamant on this working, but I run into this same error every time.

    So, please wp community help me. I really, really, really do not want to reinstall over this forsaken feature called multisite. Please any advice?

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  • How to disable multisite

    Have you tried this one?

    thx for the link but yes thats pretty much the same thing they’re all saying to do, but once I get everything deleted like the tables, re-do the wp-config and htaccess, I get that error and then I research the error and there is pretty much nothing on it or how to fix it once you delete everything. deleting everything screws up the site.

    I guess Im going to just have to re-install. I haven’t been doing much with wp since 3.0 came out, does multisite come already installed and will continue to screw up updates etc. if I just do a clean install or is this something you need to enable after the install?

    I really wish there were a simple way to fix this error I’m getting after I go through all the steps these articles are saying to do step-by-step which I’m doing all correctly. The is just always broken after I do them all. I’m stumped.

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    Multisite has to be activated, so you always start with a single site WordPress, no extra tables. THEN you enable it by editing your wp-config file.

    ok, so let me get this right I’ve tried this sooo many times im starting to tear hair.

    youre saying delete the extra tables multisite creates first, then edit the wp-config, then .htaccess, and it will work and I wont get the

    No site defined on this host. If you are the owner of this site, please check Debugging a WordPress Network for help.

    error after I do everything?

    One question I also, have I have content.. a lot of content.. in those tables that are created by multisite. what do I do about those? where do I throw them in once the multisite tables are deleted esp. the blogs table?

    Also, If I were to completely uninstall wordpress then reinstall from my irectory on dreamhost. how the hell do I do this? I’ve been trying for about a combined 18 hrs now. tried deleteing one by one, hidden files entire dir’s tables one by one, entire drops, entire db drops, and EVERY single time I try something and have everything deleted, I get the error,

    Sorry, wordpress has already been installed on this domain

    So, how the hell do I go about simply deleting wp form a directory on your host and then reinstalling? do I really need to buy a new domain with the same name (not domain name from a registrar just deamhost hosting file domain name for my reference) so do i need to create a compeltely new one and then use one-click install from there like im doing a fresh reinstall?

    Is there no way to simply UNINSTALL WORDPRESS from a ding dong domain? wth ahhh going crazy need help pls =(

    Andrea Rennick


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    At Dreamhost did you use a one click install to *install* it first?

    Because it;s something on their end that keeps saying WP is still there.

    yeah I did the one-click install and found that in the same one-click install I was missing the thing I needed labeled “Manage Installed Applications” which is right above all the one click install img’s

    I missed that the entire time, then once you go in there, you can scroll down to your domain and open the drop down, and theres a “delete all files” option on the right.. so after many hrs tedious searching have finally found how to completely get rid of a wordpress installation on Dreamhost.

    BUT, the main reason for my post is still a mystery.. instead of having to uninstall and reinstall and now figure out how the hell to take a DB that has all multisite tables etc. and get all the blogs etc. back into a regular wordpress site. I don’t know where to begin or which tables to put what blogs in where.. I think where all the blogs were stored when the site was a multisite was in a table called wp_i68qfef_blogs or something? now I have:


    so when I had the multisite enable, my DB had 36 tables in it, now with a fresh install it only has 11. Is it possible to put all my posts, blogs, etc. into my new fresh install? what happens if I restore my old multisite db with a mysql -u etc -p etc dbname > oldsqlbackup.sql into this fresh db? is that going eff everything up? can I somehow salvage all the old posts I had? there has to be a way instead of going through a cat of that .sql dump and copy pasting into new posts??? pls someone help! im so screwed.. need this done today lol client yelling at me, boss yelling at me, ya right.. lol

    basicallymy question is this..

    how do I take a db filled with data from a multisite wordpress installed site and then take that db with 36 tables and restore what posts, blogs, etc. I had in there into this new fresh install that doesn’t have Multisite installed.

    I know I can’t just do a mysql restore because im getting an error when I do that because all 36 tables then get restored back into the DB with all the multisite stuff, is there any way to do this? please help anyone!! will wrk for restoring advice =D

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    I suspect Dreamhost buggered the install… I would install a FRESH copy of WP in a subfolder, don’t Multisite it. Then export everything from the main site and import to the new on. Get that up and pretty, and then switch.

    Otherwise the asnwer is “Remove all the Multisite lines from the wp-config.php and remove the unneeded DB tables.” Which the doc already told you

    I know I tried that dude. I def wouldn’t be posting if I didn’t have problems with this. I tried that multiple times now with the deleting the un-needed tables. I’m getting that same error every time. this wasn’t a sub domain. it wasn’t even set up as a multisite, just a regular site on its own slice on Dreamhost. Just accidentally somehow got multisite enabled (not by me).

    now my problem is getting the old db tables into the new fresh install.. and when i mysql restore and delete the tables that get generated from multisite, I get that damn error every time.

    sry for sounding like an asshole and keep posting, but i keep getting this same error every time I try something else, its very very frustrating and I appreciate the posts guys ty very much! any other suggestions? those links aren’t working I promise you I’m following them verbatim.

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    Just accidentally somehow got multisite enabled (not by me).

    I won’t get into how improbable that is (you need access to edit the wp-config.php file you see…)

    Have you done ANYTHING with MultiSite since it’s been active? Any subsites? ANYTHING like that at all?

    Is your site up at all right now?

    well it was developed by the other developer here and then they werent able to get updates with the multisite so handed it off to me to fix it.. i never made the site or did anything with mu and have never used mu before so idk i do rails.. but i gotta get this fixed.

    so im not sure what was done with multisite there could have been some changes made idk. but I reinstalled and am in the process of trying to quickly as possible transfer everything over but the db stuff is a pain im finding myself writing query after query INSERT INTO wp_ip345_comments SELECT * FROM wp_6f34_comments; and so on and so forth to get all the old content form the old site that used MU to this new freshly installed mutation that is slowly turning back into the original site..

    any tips on how to easily transfer the db stuff or even all the theme stuff? its been a while since I’ve worked with wp, which folder can I just copy over to get all the css and design back to how it orginally was if I have an exact backup copy of the old site, like JUST the css and graphics on the homepage.. is that in wp-content or wp-include folder?

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    Okay. now read, slowly, what I’m asking:

    Do you have any other SITES on this network you need? Yes or no. Don’t give me details, yet, we’ll get there 🙂

    Do you still have ACCESS to the main site? I.e. the one you want to keep? Again, yes or no, please don’t muddy it up with details 🙂

    Do you have any other SITES on this network you need? Yes or no. Don’t give me details, yet, we’ll get there 🙂

    No – well i need to explain because there are subdomains, but they’re through Dreamhost. Not using Multisite through wordpress, just regular old subs, so No other sites.

    Do you still have ACCESS to the main site? I.e. the one you want to keep? Again, yes or no, please don’t muddy it up with details 🙂


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    If the subdomains are NOT a part of this multisite network, then the answer is NO and you don’t need to explain.


    Install WordPress in a folder on it’s own. is fine – Brand new, new DB, whole nine yards. Do it manually if you can.

    Install on that new site.

    Go to your MAIN site at and EXPORT all your posts.

    Import them into – Make sure you tell it to bring all your media too.

    Make your site look how you want at

    Then make a backup of the files in

    Delete these folders:


    Then either move your site from the /wp folder, OR use and run it from there.

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