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    So I’m turning an existing WP SU install (upgraded to 3.0) into a network. And I get this message:

    Because your install is not new, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-domains. The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.

    I’m fine with subdomains. But what exactly does the rest of the message mean, and how do I know whether or not existing links will be broken? The site on the main domain has existed for years, with WordPress in the root, and I want to avoid changing its permalink structure (which is simply /%postname%/ currently, BTW) at all costs.

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  • that if you’ll choose to make your network blogs in a sub-directories not sub-domains, the links that are linking to your posts can link now to a blog that has the same name as the post name.

    like if you had a post link

    and somebody will make a blog called “some post name”
    people could’nt acccess your post with that link anymore because it will link to the blog with that name.

    use sub-domains install instead to avoid permalinks changing.

    Gah, that needs a rewrite. It means the subfolder option is disabled as that woudl have broken exisiting links on your main site. In a subfolder setup, the main blog gets a /blog/ stuffed in the permalinks to prevent conflicts with other blogs being named the same as pages.

    Subdomains don’t do anything to your links.

    Hey Andrea,
    Is the only potential problem here that a new blog called “some-new-blog” will conflict with an existing post called “some new blog”? I ask because I don’t plan to allow new blogs other than the ones I set up myself and I can check to make sure there’s no conflict before I add a new site.

    I have figured out how to override this setting and have changed the permalink structure to remove the /blog/ on my site. Everything seems to be working just fine.

    Will I be OK as along as I don’t create a new blog that has the same name as an existing post?




    Good good. That copy does indeed need rewriting if it’s meant to make the point that if I were to choose a subdirectory setup for the network, then there there would be the possibility that my existing permalink system will conflict with new blog names, and therefore the main blog would get a disambiguating prefix in its permalink structure.

    I understand that I am alright if I go for subdomains.



    After following the steps (wpconfig, htaccess) I find I can’t login (403 error). This is an unrelated issue that I may report elsewhere, but I report back here because what I find after reinstating my backups of wp-config.php and .htaccess is that the network wizard has been messing with my permalink settings. It is not clear why this would be so, and the process is not sufficiently documented at this point.

    @jtoddgil –

    Will I be OK as along as I don’t create a new blog that has the same name as an existing post?

    Yes. It basically picks either the blog or the page as having priority, can’t remember which one as it was changed back & forth a couple times.

    @codeispoetry – the other variable is your host. Some shared hosts have been preventing the network from being set up properly.

    Hey Andrea, I upgraded my WP to multisite, following the step-by-step instructions. My host allows sub-folder rather than sub-domains. I noticed that the permalink structures on the parent site has /blog/ forced and this makes it difficult to refence posts and categories and the links within existing posts and pages do not work. How may I remove the /blog/? Other sites are working fine.

    You may visit the parent site and one of the subfolder sites created to see what I mean.


    osuntok – Next time make a new post.

    This is a pretty common question and has to be prefaced by the caveat: By doing this you will BREAK the ability of WordPress to check for conflicts between your main site’s urls and any new site. If you’re using SubDomain MultiSite, this should be fine. If you’re using SubFolder, I really don’t recommend this at all.

    Login to your admin site.
    Go to: Super Admin > Sites > Edit
    Scroll down to “Permalink Structure” and remove the “/blog” part

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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