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  • Hello,

    I am new to WP and multisite.

    Frustratingly (mildly), I am finding that almost all plugins I want to use are setup to work on individual blogs rather than the entire network of blogs.

    Of course, not all plugins will work on a network, but the few that seem like they should have a “settings” page in the network admin, don’t.

    With that said, I figure it would be fun to write my own plugins so I don’t always have to rely on other people’s plugins to modify elements of my site.

    Does anyone have any tutorials, tips, and/or code MS-compatible examples they could share with a noob WP plugin developer?

    My goal is to figure out how to setup a plugin that has an interface that can be accessed via the /wp-admin/network/settings.php page.

    I would love to see a basic “template” plugin.

    Any help would be more than appreciated. 🙂

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