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    Hello, some advice would be very much appreciated, please.

    I have created a website with two distinct elements, but I’m not sure if I’ve set things up the best way. The site currently consists of:

    1. A multisite, incorporating buddypress and user blogs.

    2. A separate wordpress installation, consisting of the website’s home page, and a main website blog (a magazine).

    My reasoning was that it was best to keep the ‘official’ website magazine content and especially the admin dashboard totally separate from the user blogs and social networking. Also I want to arrange the domains in the following way: (homepage) (the ‘official’ website magazine) (etc, for any other sections or types of content that I want create, if needed) (homepage for this whole section)

    etc, etc, so that all the buddypress content and user-blogs are contained within their own subdirectory. (So, in effect, a website within a website.)

    However, I’m now wondering if I’m made things more complicated than they need be. For example, on the website’s home page I wish to use plugins which showcase content from both ‘my’ section of the website and the multisite-buddypress section. If everything were on one multisite installation, this would be easy – using one of a number of plugins I have seen… however the website urls would be more confused, as I don’t think there would be an automatic way of separating the ‘official content’ ( from the userblogs (

    Two solutions seem possible:

    1. Keep things as they are and find a way of showcasing content across both the installations.

    2. Put everything on the multisite installation and find a way of solving the url problem.

    I’m guessing that option two is the most desirable… but is this easy to achieve? (Or I am I better keeping the two instillation structure?)

    Many thanks,


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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Whatever you’re more comfortable with is what’s better, in the long run. You can, obviously, do this in multisite, and it’s only slightly easier to share content between Multisite sites than it is between separate ones.

    however the website urls would be more confused, as I don’t think there would be an automatic way of separating the ‘official content’ ( from the userblogs (

    Multinetwork plugins 😉

    Site 1 (main site) is
    Site 2 (second site) is
    Site 3 is
    Site 4 is

    Site 4.1 is…


    Thanks, Mika, that’s really great advice. You’ve helped a lot.

    I’ve got two follow-up questions if you don’t mind:

    1. Re sharing content between two installations (homepage previews of posts / comments etc) – do you know of any plugin which would make this relatively straightforward, or would it need to be coded?

    2. For multisite, it is possible to restrict the templates available to the public blog users, whilst having a wider set available for the superadmin? (Fairly sure it is, but I’d just like to double check.)

    Many thanks.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    1. Custom coded, with DB calls between sites.

    2. Sure. 🙂 Network Activate the themes you want anyone to use, and then manually assign them when you want more.

    Thanks, Mika. That’s great.

    Check out this is exactly what we did

    Thanks Wolfman. I’ve had a good look at your site / sites. It’s all very impressive… and from my point of view, it’s interesting to have a look at its structure, of course, – you seem to be running one multisite per domain. I wish you well with your project.

    I’ve decided to run my site from one wordpress installation as well… I think it will make things more simple. Otherwise there’s quite a bit of duplication involved.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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