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  • So I’ve searching for the last 2 days but haven’t found a solid answer…so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Here’s the scenario:
    I have a blog that I’d like to turn into a multilingual site, but the trick is I want to be able to geo targeted each language. So should I use the multisite approach or create subfolders??? – wait are they the same thing?

    I want the domain to look like: I have 9 langues and will be using WPML to do the bulk of the translation. The content is the same across the board just translated.

    Thank you;)

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  • As experimented as web designer with an international multilingual corporate website, the best solution is WP network (multisite) install with domain mapping plugin (from automattic). The geo localization is made by the server itself and domain (or sub domain) attached to each site (language).

    Hope that help !


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