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    So I have a website which is in english, and I have noticed that most of my visitors are from Sweden. And as I am a swede myself, I thought I could have both an english and swedish site.

    The website (looks, widgets, everything) is going to be same, just two different languages. Swedes go to http://www.aaa.com/sv and international people go to http://www.aaa.com or http://www.aaa.com/en. But that should be automatic redirection. But yeah.

    So, now it might be a clear case of qTranslate, right? If everythings the same, but different languages. Well, the issue is that I sometimes want to create specific posts for specific sites. Like, one day I might want to do a review of something called "Marko" to the Swedish site, because the product Marko isn't available on the international market but only in Sweden. Is that possible with qTranslate? To sometimes create specific posts or pages for a specific country?

    I want for example on the swedish site an extra page called "Deals" (but in Swedish of course) up in the menu, but I don't want that on the international site. Does that work?

    And, last, but not least, can I translate the theme in qTranslate or do I have to do that manually or can't you do it? The theme is in english.


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