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  • zimtfisch


    the more I read the more confused I get… I really hope you can bring some light in my confusion. The question is if for the web I am trying to set up it would make sense to use multisite or not.
    This is the project:
    I am trying to set up a community site for the neighborhoods of Barcelona.
    There are 72 different neighborhoods which in multisite means 72 different subsites.
    Here is the web as no multisite yet:
    clicking on the map or on a link in the left will then take the visitor to that neighborhoodpage and show him only posts in this neighborhood.
    As for the look and feel: all sites will look and feel the same. They will share the same theme and have the same header menu categories.
    The footermenu and its pagelinks will also be shared in all sites.
    What will be different is the content and the users to each site.
    I need the visitor to be refered to one site (his/her neighborhood once he clicks on the map and when he signs up and also to show his posts in this neighborhood. As for a blog: There will be a blogsection. This will not be shared. Each neighborhood will have it´s own blog with the latest news.
    Thank you for your help.

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  • AdamsAutoAdvice


    Sounds like Multisite would be ideal for what you need. A WP installation shares the same theme and plugins which would make updating much easier.

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