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  • Hi all. I’m a network admin at a community college. Users want WordPress and I set up a multisite instance with php-fpm. I recently discovered that WP SuperCache & TotalCache & probably others don’t work in multisite. WP without caching is killing me. I’m about to give up on multisite and go back to giving each user a separate single-site instance with caching.

    I’m probably missing something? Anyone know what? Is there a caching plugin that actually works with multisite? Some other way to make multisite more efficient than a bunch of caching single-site instances?

    And I’m not interested in something that makes WP faster in general (like an http accellerator, a separate static file server or a separate DB server). I could apply that to my bunch of single-site instances, so it doesn’t give multisite an edge. If caching worked in multisite, then multisite would be faster.

    Thank you. Sorry if my question sounds grumpy.


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  • WP-SuperCache works just fine within Multisite. Make sure you enable the domain mapping component (only if you’re mapping domains, of course) and replace SuperCache’s .htaccess rules with the Network specific rules.

    The ‘quick-cache’ plugin also works quite well in a multisite environment.

    W3TC also works on Multisite. I don’t know who told you that caching didn’t work on Multisite, but they are entirely wrong.

    Huh… Thanks! Further evidence that I am, in fact, an idiot.

    Now I just need to track down those “Network specific rules”.

    Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places? Googled “wordpress supercache multisite” and similar. Is there a site or a search that would lead me to these rules?

    Thanks! You’ve already answered my main question, anything else is gravy.


    It shoudl give you the right rules now, when you install.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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